Dry Needling Round Two

image imageWe decided to try the needles a little lower today; my last application was higher and focused around upper neck.  This treatment was a bit more intense than the last treatment in respect to my body’s response.  I had some slight discomfort, no pain, but I felt the needles.  Redness, slight swelling of one site, soreness, and a little dizzying effect upon standing up were most of the responses I experienced. The warming sensation is pretty amazing, and like before I immediately noticed ease of movement in the area being treated.  Also like the previous time, the entire treatment was less than 10 minutes.  Needles were in and out within 5 minutes.  I have to admit, if you are someone who gets a little weird around needles this probably isn’t the treatment for you.  I will also say that although the warming sensation lasts for a while (almost 24hrs), I don’t think the positive effect on movement and pain would last long term if you didn’t combine this intervention with some type of gentle stretching or strengthening routine.  I am being dry needled purely to bring you an honest opinion of the intervention and what to expect, not because I’m in any chronic pain.  If I was in pain this intervention would be worth a try from my experience thus far.  Summary of time number two: not for the faint of heart, but could help for some short term relief. Still wouldn’t classify any of it as painful, just occasionally uncomfortable.

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